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Looking for control system engineers for your next PLC, DCS, or RTU project? We're ready to help. 

PLC, RTU, and DCS Design

Every facility is unique, and the reasons for expanding or replacing your control system are unique, too. We will never send you cookie-cutter solutions. We review site conditions, as-built drawings, operational objectives, and construction budgets. 

Reasons to Upgrade

  • Crowded, overfilled panels becoming a maintenance risk
  • Facility expansions are adding new process I/O
  • Standardizing a network to common hardware
  • Improving SCADA, data logging, or process monitoring
  • Replacing aging or obsolete equipment

Reasons to Have it Engineered

  • Accurate designs result in accurate construction bids
  • Remove the waste created when you "build it on the fly" 
  • Industry-wide knowledge of manufacturers, trends, and best-practices
  • Peer-reviewed, fully-insured designs that function as planned
  • Neat and legible record drawings

Here's how we can help

We understand electrical systems, including their design, operation, and maintenance. Through collaboration with the owner and operations personnel, we provide:

  • Module drawings and wiring diagrams from facility I/O
  • Panel layouts and material quantities
  • HMI selection and design
  • Power distribution and UPS design
  • Wiring and control schematics
  • Junction box drawings and cable schedules 
  • Network and SCADA planning or integration
  • Construction specifications and installation details
  • Support during contractor tender and construction