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Looking for a one-stop engineering team to complete your system's arc flash analysis? We're ready to help. 

Why an Arc Flash Study?

CSA Z462-12 is a standard for electrical safety in the workplace. This standard requires owners to develop safe work procedures around their electrical equipment. One component of the hazard assessment is identifying both the potential and severity of arc flash events in the workplace.

The arc flash hazard analysis identifies:

  • The location and severity of potential arc flash events
  • Approach boundaries for energized electrical equipment, and
  • Recommendations on PPE, flash protection, and safe work practices.

Arc Flash Labels are attached to equipment to notify workers of the hazards identified in the arc flash study.

Here's how we can help

We understand electrical systems, including their design, operation, and maintenance. Through collaboration with the owner and operations personnel, we perform:

  • System short circuit analyis (to identify worst-case electrical currents)
  • Protective device coordination study (to reduce severity and improve clearing time of faults)
  • Arc flash hazard assessment (to calculate approach boundaries and incident energy levels)
  • PPE and safe work practice recommendations (based on the arc flash analysis)
  • Equipment labels (to identify the Arc Flash Hazard for workers)